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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza @) :@) :@)

2nd Floor K2 Building 341 Katipunan Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila

It's not that often I'm totally happy with food... Today's an exception...

Usually the Pizza here in the Philippines either has good toppings or good dough. Rarely do we get a combination of both. This place has an excellent crust, just the right thickness and consistency. The toppings are also of excellent quality which makes me giddy. 

Bianca Verde Pizza :@) :@) :@) P370 ($8)

This pizza has ricotta cheese and fresh arugula. You know that they use fresh ingredients since they do display the herbs that are served in your pizza in the pass area. Honestly you can't get fresher than that.

Actual size of the pizza is 12 inch diameter. Jaguar was a pig so a slice disappeared before the picture was taken.

I actually enjoyed this pizza, a lot. The owner though had a reaction in his face showing and remarked something like "oh... that's not our best pizza" when we ordered this one. So I can only imagine what their best pizza has to offer. Personally for me, I'm definitely coming back to try their Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Nutella Pizza  :@) :@) :@) P110 ($2.25)

Honestly.... how can you go wrong with Nutella? If you don't enjoy the hazelnutty goodness, your life sucks for sure. :)

I was really happy with this place, try it out whenever you're in Katipunan and craving for Pizza, I know you'll enjoy it too

Happy Pigout :@)


Marieta said...

i love the pizza topping in the philippines...

Anonymous said...

I think they don't serve anymore the Nutella pizza..

Anonymous said...

I think they don't serve anymore the Nutella pizza..

:@) 2 said...

yeah it was an opening item that they wanted to try out. just like their chocolate coated bacon :)

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