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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Taste of LA :@) :@)

A Taste of LA
171 Roces Avenue
Cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City

This place was one of my favorite restaurants ever since i was a kid. From their pizza's, gambas, and my all time favorite...MANGO JUBILEE!

Its been a while since i came back to this restaurant. Maybe a good 3-4 years (im 21 now). But the memories i had with this place was always a good one. As such, i was excited to see if anything changed for better or worst.

Burger Avenue: SKIP IT

Burger Avenue
A. Venue Mall B. Valdez Street
corner Makati Ave.
Makati City

Before reading this, i warn you that:
1. i am a HUGE burger fan. So i tend to be VERY strict in terms of quality, taste, and creativity
2. Thank you to for some pics. Please visit as well for some really good travel pics and places to eat.

With that said, I present to you:

Over the months, Burger Avenue has become the new craze around Makati City.
They boast themselves in serving quality beef burgers, and their variety of
choices such as: Wasabi Burger, Crispy Bacon Melt, Cheese Pimento, and a lot more.

If you are not impressed yet, you can always take THE: drum roll........

Yea i know pretty cliche already. But still, you cant deny the fact that it draws customers like candy draws kids.

Unfortunately, i was not hungry or even crazy enough to do it. I like to savor my burgers, piece by piece. But lucky for me, my friend who is also a burger addict hooked me up with some pics and video of him taking the challenge.

Photo and Video to follow

The contest starts out with first paying 255php or around 4.5$ The rule is basically finish it within 5 min. you get your money back, and have your picture posted in their hall of fame (or shame depending how you see it, haha) Also, you have to eat it in front of them, and when you finish, you have to ring the bell and go to the counter with the receipt.

According to my friend, it wasnt too bad, and was actually quite easy. The trick is to make it cool down first before starting. Also, it helps to have a bottle of water beside you to flush down the food. Tate wise, the burger was pretty good. Very cheesy, and the patty was flavorful.

Anyways, as for me, I took the old crispy bacon melt.

Taste was so so, patty was good, size was reasonable...but to be honest, not really up to my standards.

The thing about this place is that it has received too much hype because of the burger challenge. Yes it is a decent burger, but wayyyyyy overrated. Cheese pimiento burger was interesting, but not something i would get all the time. The others were just ...bleh...typical.

Taste :Like i said, not bad, but nothing special as well. I personally would give it a two rating, but I may just be too picky with burgers.
Service :food came out slow even with very few customers
Ambiance : Place was small hot and crowdy
Attire: Casual
Price: $2.50-3 (P100-150) Reasonable prices for the size and quality for patties.
Other Reccomendations: Milk Shake was actually pretty good.

Dont get me wrong this place rocks. They have good burgers and offer a lot of varieties. But again, nothing different from Brothers Burger or Hotshots. As for the best burgers my rank still remains the same. #1- San Francisco Burger from National Sports Grill #2- WHAM Burger #3- Bite Club

all the rest are just typically the same burgers with different prices, although burger avenue has slightly bigger patties.

Happy Pigout! :@)

Bangali :@) :@)

Bangali Restaurant
235K P. Ocampo St.
Former Vito Cruz Ext
Makati City

Bangali Restaurant is one of those hole in the wall restaurants
that serves simple but authentic food. Although it does not have the
fany decors of a real restaurant, its food and price makes it up for it.

Tandoori Chicken ($2-P100), Pickled onions (free),

and Muttom Kebab ($1- P50)
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