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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bangali :@) :@)

Bangali Restaurant
235K P. Ocampo St.
Former Vito Cruz Ext
Makati City

Bangali Restaurant is one of those hole in the wall restaurants
that serves simple but authentic food. Although it does not have the
fany decors of a real restaurant, its food and price makes it up for it.

Tandoori Chicken ($2-P100), Pickled onions (free),

and Muttom Kebab ($1- P50)

Like i said, simple and in your face. No fancy plating, no fancy restaurant, just authentic
delicious indian food.

The Tandoori chicken was just a tad bit dry, but when you eat that with their rice, garlic shawarma sauce, and pickled onions... It will be DELICIOUS! The explosion of flavors which
indian food is so renouned for is just truly amazing.

Aside from this, my friends got the Shrimp curry meal which consists of a drink, shrimp curry, and rice. All for less than 1.5$ (150php). Unfortunately, my cellphone ran out of battery so I was not able to take a picture of it. But just take my word for do not want to leave this place without tasting their curry.

Taste: Very authentic, small servings but very reasonable price
Service: The server was actually very efficient. He was funny, friendly, and worked very fast. Although i cant say the same about the rest, this particular server definitely stood out.
Ambiance/Cleanliness : Not a very comfortable place. It is quite hot, and the place is quite stuffy. But HEY! its indian food, im not complaining
Attire: Very Casual, the smell of the food is very strong so you might not want to go in with a suit.
Price: $1-2.5 (P50-150)
Other Reccomendations: Shrimp Curry, Shawarma

Not a place I would go all the time, but when craving for indian food, this is among the best restaurants to try out.

Happy Pigout! :@)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

saan po malapit itong Bangali Halal? mukang interestring po :) at malapit lang sa school namin.

- CSB Student

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