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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pho Hoa :@) :@)

Now there aren't that many Vietnamese restaurants around here in the Philippines and that's a shame. Vietnamese cuisine combines wonderful flavors to make your taste buds salivate for more or for other people just turn you off completely. Its one of them you love it or you hate it types of things I guess.

So Pigout Philippines went to Pho Hoa, (one of the better known Vietnamese restaurants in the Philippines) to try it out.

So we decided to get:

Goi Cuon P95 (2$)
Fresh Spring Roll with Chicken and Shrimp

Causeway :@) :@)

53 E. Rodriguez Ave., Libis

Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 638-9374 or 75
So you're at home, driving around or whatever then suddenly you start craving for Dimsum. Where do you go? Of course you go to causeway. Why? you might ask well the reason is you'll get dimsum that tastes good, its VERY VERY affordable and its got a pretty good ambiance.
Honestly as a Chinese man this isn't the most authentic dimsum I've tasted here in the Philippines but I can vouch for it in the taste department, its pretty good. The dimsum is flavorful, the dimsum wrappers have a nice consistency and the fillings have just the right amount of moistness and also the right texture. Causeway's food items do taste good as well but there are other Chinese restaurants that can surpass them in that department.
Price as you will see from the products we ordered below is extremely affordable. You should even go at their off peak hours they sell dimsum at a discounted rate.
Overall the restaurant's pretty much the jack of all trades type of thing. Food tastes good, is affordable and is presentable. Sadly though none of them are stellar but being good at everything is definitely a plus for them.

Bean Curd Roll P50 (1$)

Try this out if you love tofu. The flavors are wonderful.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P.O.P visits...BAGUIO!!!! 50's Diner, Filling Station Reviewed

Baguio! the summer capital of the Philippines!
Cold breezy weather, beautiful scenery,

We start off with....

50's Diner :@) :@) :@)
Address: 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, Baguio City

"Go Johnny go!! go!!!....Johnny B. Goode!" (Song playing as me and my friend stepped in)

ELVIS PRESLEY!!!! ?? ohh mannn!!! from the moment I stepped in..i KNEW for sure I was gonna enjoy. (im a hardcore fan)

Monday, June 21, 2010

MoMo! Cafe :@):@):@)

MoMo! Cafe

Space A-124 Ground Floor,
Eastwood Parkview Mall,
Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City
+632 900 1006 or 1007

From comfort food to all day breakfast!
MoMo! cafe is quickly becoming one of the better chic and fun restaurants
in the metro.

Guests can expect HUGE servings, QUALITY food, and as they said...
Unpretentious dishes. None of the fancy shmansy stuff we see wayyy too much around now.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup w/ bacon bits P120

McDonalds :@)

Various locations around the Philippines... and around the world

So for fairness sake we decided to put in McDonald's. The thing is McDonald's is found all over the world, but due to differing tastes of each locality McDonald's tries it best to cater to these local tastes. Examples of these are McDonald's serving 1pc/2pc chicken meals with rice or the chicken fillet and Hamdesal to name a few.

Basically everything is virtually the same with all McDonald's as seen below

Cheeseburger P39 (0.75$)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante :@)

SM Megamall, Pasig City
Lower Ground Floor Building A
(where the skating rink used to be/near food court)

So I finally ate at A Veneto again, which made me giddy. For me A Veneto is the best pasta place around in the Philippines that is pretty affordable. They also serve good pizza which is an added bonus for this restaurant.

Honestly though to us Filipinos, Italian food is basically Pizza and Pasta. What sets A Veneto apart from the rest is they serve the most authentic pasta and pizza dishes around for this price range. Most restaurants that actually serve authentic stuff will charge you as much as P500 up for a dish. The terribly cheap stuff though gets extremely localized in flavor which deviates entirely from the dish being considered "Italian".

There are pros and cons to localizations of certain dishes. Some of these localizations have led to great and not so bad pizza parlors such as Handuraw Pizza, Sandy's Pizza, 3M pizza and the like. It also led to such horror stories such as the infamous "Spagetchup" and the decent Old Spaghetti House. A Veneto's other selling point for me is the servings. Honestly even I'm extremely full after one full serving of their pasta dish.

Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana P240 (5$)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Froyo Challenge: It begins

Hi piggies... We at P.O.P want to do a Froyo round up of the established froyo places in the Philippines. We need your input so that we'll be able to serve you better. Thanks for your time :D

Happy Pigout :@)

CLICK ME! <- link to survey

Its just 2 questions 30 secs max :@)

World Chicken: SKIP IT

Technically our first food court entry. We bring to you World Chicken

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Handuraw Pizza :@) :@)

Varsity Hills, Quezon City near Church of the Pentacost
(Near Katipunan Ave.)
Tel # (02)926-0415

Ladies and gentlemen and pigs of all ages. Meet Cebu's #1 Pizza Brand Handuraw Pizza. Currently this is probably the best example of a hole-in-the wall food establishment that we have found ever. Check it out:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Really Sorry for the lack of updates

OK... so the camera we use is really lost. Not only did we lose some money with this but we also lost 5 posts due to this unfortunate event. I took some pictures recently with my cell camera but it's only 2.5 mega pixels so please bear with the low picture quality. I will be posting some stuff daily this week to make up for our lack of posts.

To our loyal readers I apologize again and thank you for the support.
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