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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Handuraw Pizza :@) :@)

Varsity Hills, Quezon City near Church of the Pentacost
(Near Katipunan Ave.)
Tel # (02)926-0415

Ladies and gentlemen and pigs of all ages. Meet Cebu's #1 Pizza Brand Handuraw Pizza. Currently this is probably the best example of a hole-in-the wall food establishment that we have found ever. Check it out:

This is it. That's the whole place. You basically call them up so they can pre-make the pizza then you can pick it up about 15 mins. later.

The story of this pig out was we were bored and it was a Friday night so we decided to go out and grab a bite. Being the usual pigs that we are we didn't make a solid choice and just started driving and wondered where we wanted to eat. Then a memory of my sister suggesting to me to try this new pizza place in Katipunan and she hyped it up by saying it's #1 from Cebu, her friend bought 20 boxes or something like that and etc., so we decided to try it out.

Then after we got the pizzas we were like police officers on a stake out and started eating inside the car. Funny story really.

Here's the menu... Click for the full view.
Interesting choices honestly. My sister suggested that we try the Cheese Pizza and the Pesto Pizza. So if you do get here and decide to buy something try those out first.

We got

Pizza Cebuna P290 (6$)
The pizza is your basic tomato sauce base with the mozarella cheese but then topped with native cebu toppings to form a pizza. Taste is interesting and very Filipino due to traditional ingredients being substituted for local toppings.

Cheesy Cheese Pizza P250 (5$)
This pizza as you would expect tastes excellent. I have never met a person that can live without cheese and this pizza will indulge your craving for it.

Another difference is that they serve 14 inch thin crust pizzas, which is pretty rare outside of Shakey's.

Overall the advantages of this place are that it's pretty cheap, it has interesting flavors outside the classics and it just plain tastes good. It will also show that you're in the know/hip/cool for knowing a pizza place that's relatively unknown here in Manila.

Happy pigout :@)
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