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Monday, June 21, 2010

McDonalds :@)

Various locations around the Philippines... and around the world

So for fairness sake we decided to put in McDonald's. The thing is McDonald's is found all over the world, but due to differing tastes of each locality McDonald's tries it best to cater to these local tastes. Examples of these are McDonald's serving 1pc/2pc chicken meals with rice or the chicken fillet and Hamdesal to name a few.

Basically everything is virtually the same with all McDonald's as seen below

Cheeseburger P39 (0.75$)

Cheese Burger Deluxe Meal P72 ($1.5)
So its a cheese burger but instead of pickles, onions, ketchup, pickles and mustard. It is topped with mayonnaise and lettuce instead. Personally I love it since I'm not too fond of pickles yet I still get to enjoy McDonald's cheese. I honestly thing its made from drugs. I also dub it as the Big Mac Killer since both products are pretty identical.

Berry Mcflurry P39 ($1)
I expected something that tasted like Cheesecake since it's supposedly berries + graham cracker crumbs. Sadly I got something that tasted weird. Something like caramel and graham crumbs in soupy vanilla soft served ice cream.

6pc Chicken Nuggets P89 ($1.75)
The main difference here is the barbeque sauce. Our friend will swear her life on this. She says the sauce in the USA is horrible, while the sauce here in the Philippines is sweet, the right amount of tangy-ness and consistently better. Try this out if you ever run out of places to eat in and aren't comfortable with any of the local food.

Happy Pigout :@)
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