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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pho Hoa :@) :@)

Now there aren't that many Vietnamese restaurants around here in the Philippines and that's a shame. Vietnamese cuisine combines wonderful flavors to make your taste buds salivate for more or for other people just turn you off completely. Its one of them you love it or you hate it types of things I guess.

So Pigout Philippines went to Pho Hoa, (one of the better known Vietnamese restaurants in the Philippines) to try it out.

So we decided to get:

Goi Cuon P95 (2$)
Fresh Spring Roll with Chicken and Shrimp

This appetizer will definitely give you that sense of spring. With how each individual ingredient works together. Dip it in the peanut sauce and it'll take it onto a whole new level.

On to the Pho... As you order pho they'll present you the traditional plate with beansprouts, mint and slices of lemon... which is a good sign

Pho Chin Nam P155 (3.5$)
Beef Flank, Brisket with Pho

The beef was a bit too dry for me, but the broth was flavorful. Could've been better but it wasn't bad either.

Canh Chua Tom P195 (4.25$)
Hot and Sour Soup with Prawns and Pineapples

I liked this dish honestly. Tasted great, reminded me of sweet and sour thanks to the pineapple but also was quite spicy. Seafood such as the shrimp and fish mellowed out the spiciness as you ate it. I would get this again if I didn't suffer from food poisoning the following day. This is my prime suspect but hey I could be wrong.

Overall, Pho Hoa serves great tasting food at decent prices. The only real issue that I have with Pho Hoa is it isn't exactly authentic Vietnamese... they're pretty close but still pretty far from the real deal.
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