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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tapa King :@)

Tapa King
Pioneer Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City
*branches all over the metro can be found in the website
633-TAPA (8272)
24 hour delivery on most branches

Tapa King started in 1987 as a simple "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants. Eventually however,
it grew into one of the most sought out restaurants for good old fashioned Filipino comfort

Now before anything, be warned that in the Philippines, "tapa" is different from the Spanish
Tapa's most foreigners know. In here, tapa refers to a type of salt cured beef. Although similar
to the American Beef Jerky, Filipino Tapa is usually eaten for breakfast alongside with
fried eggs and garlic fried rice.

Although it wasnt breakfast time, that didnt stop me from ordering some good old fashioned Tapa.

At the price of only P75Php($1.5), you get a meal of Tapa, Garlic fried rice, atchara (pickled vegetable) and Egg. YUMYUM!
Now dont expect a huge serving, or perfectly cooked steak. This is comfort breakfast food so
dont expect much. For foreigners, i would suggest getting the bigger version of this which is
the Tapa Royale (twice as bigger, two eggs, more rice). Tapa King also developed other flavors such as Tapa Queen (sweet) Tapa Prince (spicy), and many more.


try their other specialty which is Tapa King's house pork chop.

For around the same price, you can also try out their pork chop. It comes with fried garlic rice, but no egg. Although this would be my personal favorite, i think its quality kind of deteriorated a little over the years :( whats up with that TAPA KING!!!!

Again, guys do not expect big servings in this restuarant. This is good old cheap and yummy
filipino comfort breakfast food (I personally think its best eaten in the middle of the night though).
The trick in this restaurant though, is to take advantage of its cheap price by ordering lots of different things.

If you guys are up for dessert, one thing i highly reccomend is their Sweet Banana, truly a filipino

Taste : Food is great! Though servings are small, lots of varieties are available.
Service : Efficient and Freindly staff.
Ambiance/Cleanliness : Much cleaner than when it was at its humble begginings. In addition, just recently, they revamped most of their stores, and the restaurant looks more modern now that old fashioned.
Attire: Casual
Price: 100 Php (1.75$)
Other Recommendations:
1. Tapa Royale- bigger servings
2. Tapa Prince- Spicy
3. Mais de con yelo- iced corn desert with condensed milk
4. Tokwa't Baboy- fried tofu with pork (REALLY REALLLY GOOD!!) have this on the side

Happy Pigout!! :@)

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Crissey said...

Love Tapa King because of its distinct taste, and super sulit, especially now na may deal sila sa MetroDeal!

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