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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Taste of LA :@) :@)

A Taste of LA
171 Roces Avenue
Cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City

This place was one of my favorite restaurants ever since i was a kid. From their pizza's, gambas, and my all time favorite...MANGO JUBILEE!

Its been a while since i came back to this restaurant. Maybe a good 3-4 years (im 21 now). But the memories i had with this place was always a good one. As such, i was excited to see if anything changed for better or worst.

As expected, the place looked exactly the same. I kinda figure it would because people come here for that old rustic feel. But there was one thing i was eyeing for even before arriving at the restaurant.

This beautiful oven cellar is actually older than the restaurant itself. Before "A Taste of LA" was established, the restaurant was supossedly an old pizzaria. When the establishment decided to sell the place out, the owners of A taste of LA decided to keep the oven and use it to its advantage. Today, they would use this oven to bake their breads and pizzas. Which are both in my opinion is a must try. (which i did, lol)

Menu for today:

Oyster Rockafeller P320 ($6.5)

A must try in this restaurant. It will take a while, but it is defnitely worth the wait. Gruyere cheese, spinach and bacon baked on oysters served on a bed of salt.

Duck Rolls

Another delicious appetizer in this restaurant. Duck was crispy, filling was savory, and sauce was sweet. Perfect combination.

Pumpkin Soup P180 ($2.5)

Pumpkin soup in my opinion.....was the worst pumpkin soup ive ever tasted. It was bland, wayyyy too soupy...and was just plain boring.


This is definitely another must try in this restaurant. Salpicao is a spanish appetizer. Its basically beef sizzled in garlic....a LOT of garlic. Beef was tender and juicy, garlic brought spice to it, and when eaten with the house bread, its just one of the best dishes in this restaurant in my opinion.

Garlic Lamb Pizza with Mint and Olives

I was never a fan of lamb, but the way the server described this dish, i just HAD to try it. And i did with NO regrets. This is my new personal favorite in this restaurant. The infusion of flavors in this pizza was perfect. Lamb, Garlic, Mint, Black olives, and creamy feta cheese. In addition, the pizza was PERFECTLY done. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. MUST MUST MUST MUST TRY!

Spinach and Bacon Pizza

Funny thing with this dish is it tasted a lot like the Rockafeller. I did enjoy this pizza, but not as much as the lamb pizza. Either way though, great pizza, perfect dough, perfect crust.
(Oh yea, if you noticed I took a lot of photos this time, its coz i finally got myself a decent camera)

Taste : Still one of the best restaurant in the Philippines. Aside from the soup, i loved everything.

Service :People might mistake this place for slow service, but you have to take into consideration that everything is fresh and made to order. Also, the wait staff was very helpful and efficient.

Ambiance :Beautiful place, nice rustic feel

Price $7-8 (P400)

Other Reccomendations: Gambas, Mango Jubilee, Sole with lemon butter sauce
Overall, this place brought back good memories. Unfortunately i wasnt able to try their mango jubilee as i was wayyy too stuffed. The place may be a bit hard to find, and is a bit traffic around that area, but for that special occassion, i would definitely reccomend this place



Hanski Halili said...

hi! pacopy naman po ng picture! thanks!

Carter006 said...

I went to this restaurant in tomas morato. The ambience is fantastic, the food is so good. The price not expensive, the service is good also BUT i disappointing me. the head waiter i call him not one but twice he didn't come to me. And i saw him in smoking section of the resto she running. i think the owner should be action to this kind of unprofessional crew.

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