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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Army Navy :@) :@)

They have burgers... and burritos... need I say more?

Army Navy is one of the newer entrants to the growing demand of quality burgers here in the Philippines. I've eaten there for quite some time but I always forget to take pictures since I'm pretty excited to eat. Finally I've done mission impossible and photographed some of the food. Let's see how it stacks up.

Double Burger P185 :@) :@) :@) ($3.75) + Cheese P25 ($0.50) + Bacon P25 ($0.50)

Their burgers are one of the juiciest I've had lately. It's so juicy in fact that mid way through eating the burger the bottom bun fell out. It's definitely a bonus for me. Since I like pigging out I opted to add the cheese and bacon to make my meal more awesome. On the taste side of the patty it isn't the tastiest I've had and I find it a bit more peppery than most. I think all they need to do is add just a little bit more amount of salt and it'll be golden. 

Freedom Fries :@) :@) :@) P60 ($1.25)

I've said before that the best fast food french fries I've ever tasted was the one from KFC's. Army Burger's Fries are exponentially better, more flavor, more tangy, I just love it.

Steak Burrito :@) :@) P145 P($3.25)

It was pretty good, but not that great. With the lack of quality burrito competition in the Philippines Army Navy's burrito is pretty nice. My complaint here was the steak was pretty dry, but still it was edible. The good thing with army navy is that they give you a piece of lime and their burrito sauce is awesome so it makes up for it.

LiberTea Large P60 :@) :@) :@) ($1.25)

Their house blend Ice tea. If you're a fan of sweet ice tea stay away. If you love actual tea then it's a must try.

Army Navy is definitely one of the places you should try if you like burgers and then segway into a burrito. 

Happy Pigout :@)


Anonymous said...

Try the breakfast burrito it's good but extremely greasy :P

:@) 2 said...

tried it not really a fan :P :)) but my friend who loves breakfast burritos likes it. :)

jaguar Tang said...

present! haha

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