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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blackwood Bistro :@) :@) :@)

G/F The Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 659-4409

Good French food is a rare find... Visit this place if you can...

Well ever since I've been exposed to French food in my culinary school, I've been searching for some really good French restaurants. French cuisine though it tastes great hasn't been popular with Filipinos and there are only a few restaurants that are purely French. Luckily one opened up right across school and my friends have been hanging out at Blackwood Bistro almost every weekend for the good food and good booze at their bar Pinchos.

Roasted Tarragon Spring Chicken 

The chicken is wonderful... very moist on the inside, still has that crunch on the outside. It's well done all over which is extremely rare because we usually find blood spots on our chicken legs, none here. The taste of the chicken was excellent. It was infused with the flavors of all the vegetables and the vegetables also got some of the taste from the chicken. The juices left behind while cooking where then reduced down to make a chicken jus as it's sauce, which tasted great as well. It's also nice to note that this is a spring chicken... Do you see the size of that spring chicken... My friends and I were blown away by the size as this was served.

Beef Carpaccio with Reduced Balsamic Vinegar and Goat Cheese

Carpaccio is a way of serving meat originally from Venice. So it's fitting that it's served in Venice Piazza. Oh the useless things I notice :). Carpaccio is thinly sliced raw meat that is seasoned with salt and pepper and then served with sides that have extreme flavors. The meat on its own is wonderful, it's really smooth and you don't get any of that foul raw taste that you normally get, so if you're an adventurous eater, (Filipinos normally shun raw/rare meat) this is something to try. If you add the balsamic reduction it adds some sweetness to the palette and the goat cheese adds saltiness and more texture. Surely a nice way to start your meal.

Spiced Lamb Shank with Garlic Confit

Good lamb is hard to come by without eating inside a hotel. It's so disappointing for me because lamb is my 2nd favorite form of meat and I have to eat at an area considered high society to enjoy it. Good news, not anymore. Lamb would be really famous here in the country in my opinion if people know how to cook it right or how to choose the proper lamb. Growing up I've heard people don't like lamb because it's either to smelly, too tough or both. This means that the lamb meat came from an old sheep and should technically be called mutton, and as usual people here don't like any red on their meat so they murder it by cooking it too long and it become tough. As seen with the picture above there are still hints of pink in the meat, meaning it's perfectly cooked. It's off the bone tender too, I didn't have to use my knife to peel off the meat. To know the difference in lamb quality try the lamb in shawarma places and try the lamb here. You'll be blown away by the difference. The sauce isn't that spicy, but it's just right and serves as a good compliment to the lamb. Whipped potatoes are well seasoned and has no lumps which is awesome... and it's also served with fried onion slivers and garlic confit. Garlic confit is really weird and great. You're served a whole bulb of garlic slow cooked that the garlic inside becomes like a paste. It still has the garlic taste and flavor but also gained some sweetness and is pleasant to eat. Personally I pop em out like toothpaste and mix it with my potatoes.

Baked Oysters

Need I say more? Its wonderfully cooked, it's oysters. It can't fail except if your stomach gets upset with shellfish overload like me... I had a few though just squeeze some lemon on top and shoot... it's divine...

Serrano Cheese Dip

Something fun to order, more starters. Serrano ham is a salt cured ham from Spain and is then served on top of 3 kinds of cheeses and then put under a salamander (something that applies heat from above to melt or produce the gratin effect). It is served with toasted pita, garlic confit and crostinis. As me and my friend got the first dip on the sides we were disappointed as it tasted eggy and not cheesy at all. Then as we got to the center, boom! flavor overload. It's was so nice and satisfying I can't really put it into words. I'd suggest though that if you order this is that you mix it around first before dipping, might avoid that initial eggy taste that we got. 

If you want to eat at a classy restaurant that serves excellent classy food. Please go to Blackwood Bistro, You'll enjoy it for sure. 

Note: Try their crab products as well. It's extremely fresh because one of their investors is a leading crab trader here in the Philippines. I had the good fortune of trying the crab and mango salad during an earlier visit and the crab was extremely good, It didn't taste old and the texture was perfect.

Apologies couldn't really remember the prices... They were somewhere along P400 - P700 ($9 - $16)

Happy Pigout :@) for sure

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