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Friday, November 11, 2011

Uncle Moe's :@) :@)

City Golf Arcade, Julia Vargas
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Get your drink on and some good food at Uncle Moe's...

On occasion like most guys my friend and I just want to go out knock back a couple of beers and go home happy. With Uncle Moe's we generally can do that with good food as a "pulutan". Here's what we got on a lazy lunch before going to work.

Musaka Melt P155 :@) :@) :@)

A good starter, honestly it reminded me of lasagna. Don't make the black burnt bits scare you it doesn't taste burnt at all. I'd recommend this if you want a good item for sharing.

Kebab Platter w/ Buttered Rice P182 :@) :@)

The beef is pretty decent and the chicken kebabs are great. Both are moist and the seasoning is pretty about right. The salsa adds a nice touch to the chicken by adding a sour taste. Just remember don't go too wild on the sauce, will generally kill all the taste of your order. This dish basically highlights what they have to offer so try it out.

Honestly I'd love this place to death if they only had a yogurt shake on their menu. If you guys are into the whole shawarma/kebab thing, Uncle Moe's should be noted

Happy Pigout :@)

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