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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bun 'n the Run :@) :@)

Bun on the Run

Metro Walk, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center

Thats right!!! its finally back!!! Bun on the Run was once THE ultimate burger joint. For some unknown reason, it slowly disappeared during the late 90's.

But now its back, and newly renovated. You'll notice they kinda revamped the logo and improved the cleanliness of the stall.
But enough about the stall, lets talk about the food...Hmmm....what should i order............?
DUH!!! CHORIBURGER!!!!! This has always been my favorite ever since I was a kid, and im definitely looking to bring back childhood memories...

Yes, those are three orders, and yes, they are all mine
(75php for one burger or around 2$ for a burger)

Now, for the rating.
Taste :@) :@) :@)
Service :@) :@) :@)
Ambiance :@) :@) :@)
Attire: Casual, loose
Must Try: Chori-Burger
Other recommendations: Pork loin sandwich

All in all, this place will definitely bring back childhood memories. Highly recommended

Happy Pigout :@


Anonymous said...

i wish they'd bring back the choriqueso pizza!

Anonymous said...

yes! at last its back! last time i ate at this joint was way way back at parksquare 1, near the carpark entrance..

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