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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kowloon West :@) :@)

Kowloon West
Kowloon West has several branches in metro manila (San Juan, Libis, Greenbelt, West Ave.)
The one I went to is in Libis, its across Eastwood city, near Jolibee. If you want info. on the location of the others, just post a comment, and ill do my best to help you out.
If you are anything like me, then I'm pretty sure, u make a habit of late night escapades in search for a place to pigout and have a late night snack.

Kowloon West has been around for ages. This place is well known for its cheap Chinese Dimsum and Mami's...okay fine, they're just known for their siopao. (the rest aren't really the best tasting, in fact, im not even going to put a review on them)

But nevertheless, its definitely value for your money, and the siopao is to die for!!!

For only 45Php(less than a dollar), you get two pieces of siopao!!! 

size? they're actually normal. Filling? THATS what stands out! Unlike the siopao you get from Hen Lin, or Chowking, Kowloon West's siopao is full of MEAT! From the moment you break the siopao (or bite, i prefer to break it apart first though) the asado will ooze out and will definitely drop in your pants if ur not careful. (which was what happened to me) But despite dropping some meat on the floor, it was still filled with tasty asado meat.

Top this with their special hot sauce, and c2 apple iced tea, your all set for a tasty pigout...

Happy pigout :@

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Maja said...

You should also try their Jumbo Siopao and dimsum.

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