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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mann Hann :@) :@)

Mann Hann
Jose Abad Santos, San Juan

Today was Chinese food and my friends were sick of Mien San and North we decided to go with a old favorite....MANN HANN!

Mann Hann has been around for AGES!!!! Started out as a grocery store, it slowly introduced Chinese take-outs, and as its popularity did the need to open a Chinese restaurant.

We visited the newly renovated branch located in J. Abad, and I was IMPRESSED!!!
Beautiful design..modern...exciting...and definitely refreshing.
(more pics to come)

Because of this, I was looking forward to see the improvements of the already great tasting food

Spicy Spareribs- P180 ($3-4)

Although much better presented... I was quite disappointed. Not because it didn't taste good..but it didn't taste better. Still the same old Spicy Spare ribs. But hey...why fix something that isn't broken right?

Beef Brisket P200 ($4.50)
Taste was great! Meat was a bit chewy...(I understand the part of the beef is supposed to be chewy..but try 15F restaurant....BEEF STEW OF DEATH!!!)

Salted Fish Fried Rice- 170php ($4)


Mann Hann has always been one of the better Chinese food restaurants in the metro. They serve authentic Chinese food, its cheap, and has always been consistent. However, I believe they should stop worrying about increasing the prices (at least for the beautifully designed new branch) as well as they need to take that extra step in making the food better quality. Some ingredients were obviously not of high quality (Beef in Beef Stew).

However, with its better atmosphere, same great taste, with the same awesome price...theres nothing really much to complain about Mann Hann, except hoping that it could make that extra effort to compete with the juggernauts like Choi Garden.

Happy Pigout :@)

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