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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jollibee :@) :@) :@)

Tel: 8-700
24/hour delivery and operation hours in most branches

So you are driving around the metro... and every so often you see Mcdonalds. But what astonishes you , is that every few blocks before and after Mcdonalds... you see a branch or two of Jollibee. In most countries Mcdonalds may be THE fast food chain of the city. In the Philippines however, Jollibee is BOSS! and in every Mcdonald chain, you will surely see one or two Jollibee facing off with it.

For history sake, Jollibee started out as a simple ice cream parlor. They then ventured into hamburgers and fried chicken and from there....with the introduction of Yum Burger, Jollihotdog, and Chicken Joy....

Jollibee became the largest fast food chain in the country.

So its 6am..and still 4 hours away from UFC.
What better to do while waiting??

Because of its cheap price...many people have their own way of ordering Jollibee. Some may order a small dish or two...while others get one huge order.

and then...theres MY way of ordering Jollibee..and i call it....

The Complete Jollibee Experience!
Getting the economy version of the best 3 meals of Jollibee.

Burger Yum Meal- P57 includes fries and drink ($1.25)

This is basically pinoy style burger with special Jollibee sauce (basically...a sweeter version of thousand island sauce...)

The fries on the side was VERY crunchy....but not as tasty as Mcdonalds fries.

Its not the greatest tasting burger...but it DOES have this unique Jollibee taste..and if youve never tried HAVE to!

(yes ....its VERY sweet)

Then theres Jollihotdog P42 ($1)

Another must-try as it is one of my favorite hotdogs EVER!
Jollihotdog loaded with cheese...sweet ketchup, and special Jolli-sauce

Chicken Joy- P66 ($1.50)

Cult favorite here in the Philippines... enough said

Peach Mango Pie- P19 ($0.25)

The best cheap dessert around full of deep fried and sweet goodness the perfect combo for Filipino food.

Taste :
It has this unique taste to it..that truly separates it from other fast food joints.
Not saying it tastes good or bad...but its definitely a must try.
Price $1-3 (P50-150)

Overall, I think eating in Jollibee are two things:

Something a foreinger MUST TRY!!! (absolutely !!!! as the food IS truly AND uniquely Filipino) and surprisingly...lots of my friends that came from abroad LOVE IT!! Especially the Yum Burger and the fact that you can order 10 in one go as it is so cheap.


Something you grew up with and learned to like.


[cookiespink] said...

spaghetti + peach mango pie! :D

Jesse said...

Jollibee Chicken Joy costs 85 nowadays. :(

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