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Friday, April 2, 2010

Jacob's Shawama :@) :@) :@)

Jacob's Shawarma
115 Sapphire Rd. AIC Gold Tower G/F Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Tel: 706-5699

Jacob's Shawarma is a 24 hour hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in the Ortigas Business Center District that serves Turkish comfort food. Jacob's Shawarma actually serves authentic Turkish Doner Kebabs which is like an identical twin to shawarma but with a bit of a Turkish twist. The name came up because shawarma is the more accepted term in the Philippines for this type of food.

So onto the main star of this restaurant it's shawarma

What makes Jacob's Shawarma so different from other places is first its menu.
Beef & Lamb Shawarma - P200 ($4.25)
Chicken Shawarma - P185 ($4)
Fish Shawarma (Salmon) - P180 ($4)

Their shawarma's protein component changes depending on the day of the week which means you will never get tired of going to the same place everyday. Jacob's Shawarma also gives you the option to get a normal pita bread or a whole wheat pita bread. They also have 3 different dressings which are mild, regular and spicy.

We came on a Tuesday night and got to get the beef/lamb combo which was excellent. Besides the normal veggies and dressing that you find in a shawarma Jacob's Shawarma also adds parsley to give that extra tangy taste.

Next big difference is the shawarma's size
it's a whopping 12 inches in shawarma goodness

Now you might say that the shawarma looks pretty thin in comparison to other places that's why it's 12 inches but that's pretty far from the truth. The reason it is thin is because of its preparation method.

After the shawarma has been rolled up it gets toasted in a panini press to give it a crunchy texture as you bite into it which makes this shwarma be in another league compared to the competiton.

The last but major difference is the sauce. While normal places serve you that white garlic sauce Jacob's Shawarma does away with that and serves you a lemon sauce which goes well with the shawarma. They also serve their own blend of spicy sauce, but fair warning its pretty spicy if you're not into that stuff.

Jacob's Shawarma as stated earlier also serves traditional Turkish Comfort food such as
a Turkish dessert called Baklava which is layers of phyllo pastry with nuts(pistachio) and is sweetened by syrup or honey.

They also serve turkish coffee/tea and a youghurty drink

Cameo XD


The taste of the shawarma is definitely a must try for fans. The vegetables, spices and dressings work so well that a friend of ours who's extremely fussy about eating shawarma loves this place.


The staff is extremely polite and helpful. They're also fun loving people who're fun to talk to which makes the place a good hangout after a long day's work.


The interior totally gives a feel of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant its pretty cramped but surrounded by beautiful pictures of Turkey. Jacob's Shawarma also has a wall where celebrity patrons write testimonials swearing on how good the food is.

Price $4-5(P200) at most for a shawarma that's 12 inches is a bargain in my opinion. Yes it maybe pricey for the average shawarma but this place's shawarma is extraordinary.

This place is definitely a great place to eat for all you Shawarma fans out there. It'll be good for your post alcoholic binge or if you're just craving for good Shawarma. Let's support these kinds of restaurants. It makes our culinary cravings more interesting

Happy Pigout :@)

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