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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspirational Story: Taho Dude with a CAR??

Now before anything...for those of you who dont know what Taho is...
its basically steamed soft tofu, mixed with syrup and topped with tapioca.

One can find this local snack almost anywhere in the Metro... (just follow the voice of the vendor screaming "TAhhooooooooooooo??" in the middle of the night)

The tofu is light and warm, while the syrup sweet.

looks like this:

As far as this post goes... there isn't much to say about Taho. Its either you love it or hate it.

However, what makes this food trip unique is that after a midnight snack at Jacob's Shawarma... we came across a Taho Vendor who just came out of his car!!!

Now its an old car no big deal right??? Well according to him as well as the servers at Jacob's...he usually brings his CRV.

Apparently, Manong Vic...has been selling Taho for 30 years when a cup only cost Php 1!!!!
Through sheer hardwork and perseverance...he was able to school three of his kids (two of which graduated college already...while the eldest has his own business)

This just goes to show...with enough motivation and can get by anything!

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