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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sbarros :@) :@)

Ground Floor, Eastwood Corporate Plaza
Libis, Quezon City

Its one of those late nights again, where me, Mikey and Slao are hungry....its an hour away before I leave for whatever we eat...we need it quick.

So where do we go?

SBARROS!!!!!! It has everything we were craving for: Great pizza, Fastfood, open at 4am.

Hmmm...what to order?
(Its Mikey Again!)

Pepperoni Pizza- P110 ($2.50)
Huge serving! A bit oily...but tastes awesome!

Chicago Deep Dish- P172 ($4)
Their infamous Chicago Deep dish is basically stuffed pizza with pepperoni, ham, and pineapple and is generously topped with white cheese sauce! (not the greatest for the heart)

Baked Zitti w/ Meatballs on white sauce P136 ($3)

Not really a good idea. The white sauce didn't go too well with the meatball (that would be my fault though)

Baked Zitti w/ Meatball on tomato sauce P136 ($3)
Much much better :)
Pasta was not really al dente to be honest...very fast food-ish
Meatball was soft and tender... tomato sauce was great! Sweet and tangy

Yummy Breadsticks that come with each order of pasta


That night...Sbarros could be the best italian restaurant EVER!
But then again: i think it had to do with me and my friends being FAMINED for the longest time

Truthfully though, Sbarros is one of the better fastfood pizza parlors. Not the greatest pizza and pasta...but for fastfood..its pretty damn good!


kenwooi said...

yum yum.. looking delicious =D said...

really drolling food....

nanged u. Want to listen Siti Nurhaliza sings Chinese songs? nang this!

u8mypinkc00kies said...

white pizza or baked ziti :D yay!

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