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Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Burgers :@) :@)

One of our readers suggested that we try Good Burgers in our shout box and I quote "GOOD BURGER. be happy." So we were eager to try this place out.

It's Mikey again

The branch that we went to is located right across Greenhills shopping center at One Kennedy Place. To be more exact it's right across Tangerine.

Good Burgers unlike most burger joints/kiosks offer only chicken and vegetarian patties for their customers. While I get where they're trying to go with the whole health conscious thing, its a burger not exactly your healthiest option. They do however carve a significant niche with the vegetarian(not vegan) public.

The place is your typical kiosk operation as seen by the picture. They basically have two stainless steel grills that is used to prepare the burgers. Sauces and dressings are then added to complete your order.

So you might be wondering what's the meaning of Good, Better and Best the same as us when we first got there. Here's the secret;

Good - 1/8lb Patty
Better - 1/4lb Patty
Best - two 1/4lb Patties

Seen here is the menu with a list of ingredients for the particular dressings and sauce for your selected burger. So the typical order process here is that you select your type of patty, then you select what type of sauce/dressing/toppings you want out of the choices on the menu as will be seen below.

We were pretty impressed with the number of available choices in the kiosk and how simple the operation was

Good Chicken Patty Margharita P95 ($2)

Best Chicken Patty Herb Delite P105 ($2.25)

Best Vegetable Patty Persian Burger P100 ($2)

Best Chicken Patty 3 Cheese P120 ($3)

Now the important parts

Personally I was impressed with how the burgers held up since we took them for take out and waited for a good 15 mins before we got a bite out of these burgers. They were still juicy and well seasoned unlike most burgers which if you don't immediately eat after cooking loses out on its juicy factor which affects taste. The sauces though are a hit or a miss. Personally I wasn't a fan of the 3 Cheese because the cheese sauce overpowered the mozarella and the cream cheese leaving them useless additions to the burger, while the others were pretty good. You will also want to pair a chicken patty to certain sauces while the veggie patty to others, all personal preference really. Overall the taste is good but not to the point of Harold and Kumar obsession.

Service: a bit on the slow side...

Its a food stall with a couple of tables in a cramped area near a canal nothing amazing about this category folks, could be a lot better really. I know other branches look better but this branch was not at par.

Price P90-120 ($2-3) the prices are pretty fair for the product you're getting. You get decent size on your burger unlike the buy 1 take 1 bullshit burger kiosks(I'm quite fussy when it comes to burgers) you usually find in the Philippines. You get good taste as well.

Overall its a good place to eat at if you find the time. I feel this place is pretty underrated since its still relatively unknown but its definitely worth your time to try this place out.

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Anonymous said...

Yep their burgers are great but not the best. As to the ambiance.. You should have went to sikatuna. They have a college tambayan feel in there.

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