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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big Daddy's Chicken :@) :@)

Big Daddy's Chicken

Theater Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Food Court

So what's the deal with Big Daddy's Chicken that we went out of our way to review this relatively unknown food stall? Big Daddy Chicken claims that they serve authentic Taiwanese chicken chops. To put it simply the Taiwanese chicken chop is a deep fried chicken breast with bone that is seasoned with powdered flavoring of usually chili or lemon but honestly words can't do justice on how good it is so if you're ever in Taiwan look for it. The Taiwanese version is called Ji Pai chicken and is so famous that people actually have to get numbers and form long lines just to be served. So me and my friends were pretty excited to try this out since I've been craving for one of these babies since my last trip to Taiwan and none of the other chicken chops found in the Philippines have been up to par compared to the Original.

So here we go kiddos.

In comparison to Taiwan's original its not that far off, but its not a direct copy either. Beggars can't be choosers and currently this is the best that we've got so I'd recommend it. Its like buying an extremely excellent louis vuiton knock off. You'd enjoy it but still you know its not authentic.

Chicken Cutlet with Rice & Soup Nori Seasoning P85($2)

So here's the Chicken Chop with Rice and Soup, the powder flavoring is seaweed personally I'm not fond of the seaweed flavor it masks the true flavor because its too overpowering. The soup and rice are your run of the mill food stall items, nothing great but not bad either.

Chicken Cutlet with Rice and Soup Plum Seasoning


And here's my personal favorite Chicken chop with rice and soup Plum flavoring. It gives a perfect balance of salt and sweetness that will make your mouth water. So in going to this place I'd suggest you get this unless you're a spicy food lover, you would enjoy the chili flavor as well.

Overall it does a decent job in its claim and its good value for money wise but its still not the original. Points that are lacking are taste, size and lovability.

Check out the size of the original


Diane said...


We'd personally like to thank you very much for your wonderful blog entry about Big Daddy's Chicken. We hope you enjoyed our chicken as much as we enjoyed reading your blog. Please do visit our Big Daddy's Chicken stall at Greenhills Theater Mall Food Court, and we're soon to open at Mall Of Asia in September as well!

As fellow foodies, we continue be an avid follower of the Best Places to Eat in the Philippines and we look forward to your awesome food reviews! Cheers! =)

Warm Regards,

Diane Ting
Big Daddy's Chicken

:@) 2 said...

Thanks for the visit, we appreciate the support. Thanks for bringing the chicken chop to the Philippines we enjoyed it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The thing with big daddys chicken is that there chicken is too thin. Though crispy on the outside, it is also too dry...but maybe its because the chicken the sell are pre--cooked, and the one i tried maybe stayed out too long outside.

For Taiwanese chicken chops, i would go with Serenitea first.

Have yet to try Fat Chicken....

:@) 2 said...

try genki too at Vmall's food court their chicken chops are pretty good

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