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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ersao :@)

So the search for the best taiwanese restaurant is still on.... (As of now...Resto 15F remains on top)
and tonight...we finally got to Ersao!

Here's Mikey with Mango Shake P45 ($1 ) on the left....
and Taro Shake P40 ($1 ) on the right

In terms of Shakes...i could say Ersao does a great job emulating the ones they serve in Taiwan.

Spicy Chicken Nuggets P40 ($1)

Not as crispy or big as the one in Taiwan. Though they do a pretty good job in terms of still lacks that freshness, as the meat tastes dry, and looks old.

Chicken Steak w/ Rice P105 ($2.25)
Again...taste wise..not bad...but has NOTHING on the original one in Taiwan.
Freshness, Crispyness, and Size.....

Dumpling Soup P125 ($2.50)

Again...everything here was just average.
Noodles werent as al dente and chewy as the one in taiwan.
Dumplings were overcooked....

Taste was light..which is very Taiwanese... not recommended if you are used to the noodles in north park, etc.


Taste : I was quite disappointed as so much people talk about it. Taste was just okay...but being Taiwanese and all...i have to be strict about it.

Service : Nothing spectacular...

Ambiance : Has TV at the center..seats were comfortable..but again..nothing spectacular....

Price: $2-3 (P100-150)

Comment: The food in my opinion is just so so....although several of my friends like it...the ones that have been to Taiwan hate it (cant blame them)

The drinks however, are pretty well done.

Overall for the price...why not? its fairly cheap....small servings..but its meant as a light snack anyway.

But for the Hardcore Chinese food fans....skip it..unless u just want your Taro or Yakult Milk Tea

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Anonymous said...

i like ersao

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