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Sunday, October 17, 2010

World Class Kababs :@)

E. Rodriguez Ave. cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila

More 24 hour Kababs... and on a budget too

Me and my friends have been eating here for quite a bit honestly, we just keep on forgetting to take pictures. Finally after a late night of nerd raging in a lanshop we decided to head on over and just get it over with and take a picture through a phone. 

So the food...

Yogurt Shake P30 ($0.75) :@) :@)

I like their yogurt shake and in my opinion should be part of everyone's meal when the visit here. It's still got that tang that you get from yogurt but it also serves as a palette cleanser and end of the day just tastes good.

Lamb Chop P165 ($3.75) SKIP IT

One of the more expensive items on the menu. Personally I love lamb and overall I still slightly enjoyed it. But for the value of money that you get from thism, I wouldn't order it again. It's charred badly in some areas and thus gets too tough.

Shawarma Rice P80 ($1.75) :@)

Your run of the mill shawarma on plate that you get almost anywhere. Food channel beats this one though hands down. It's still relatively cheap and tastewise is pretty ok.

One of the best garlic sauces I've ever tasted
Personally I love their hot sauce, though most of my friends hate it so you'll probably hate it too
Chello Kebab is one of their best sellers, though we didn't get it this time
Ox brain is good too, says my friend
The kebabs are also nice
Spicy Natural Rice also good

Only gripes I have about this place are
So once upon a time, I went there to order my traditional meal of 2 orders of beef kebab, one chicken kebab a yogurt shake and spicy natural rice. All for a great value of P200+ ($3.50). Even though it was 1 AM and the place was relatively empty took us 50 years to get served. So after the wait the food finally comes then boom a plate of plain rice arrives at the table, so me being a little bit confused asked the waitress I ordered spicy rice right? Then she told me to just add spicy sauce to the rice then that would make it spicy rice. It made me so mad that it actually became funny... honestly... well that's my problem with their service.  
2.) Consistency of the cooked products

Happy Pigout :@)


Anonymous said...

haha please do share the story....its hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is EPIC FAIL!!!

Kelly said...

was supposed to try that last weekend night, but its kinda crowded and the place is a smokey. so we end up at il terrazzo and try the new korean restaurant there (yoogane)

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