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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kamay Kainan :@)

Market Market, The Fort
Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 889-9883
Filipino Favorites meets Buffet Table...

Well Sunday family dinner time for me and my mom wanted some sinigang so my sister suggested we try Kamay Kainan. Kamay Kainan is basically a Filipino buffet restaurant that serves the most famous traditional Filipino dishes for your consumption at the great value of P250 ($6). For me personally who's not really a big fan of Filipino food. The whole dining experience was not that great but it wasn't bad either. It was pretty much like average home cooked food. From what I read about this place the menu for their buffet has core foods but some of the bigger branches have more dishes served.

I'd suggest that you dine here only if you want to pigout on Filipino food or if you have some foreign guests over and just basically want to showcase what the gist of Filipino cuisine is.

Kamay Kainan Buffet P250 ($6)

Basically what I have from left to right going clockwise starting at 9'oclock
Kaldereta - I enjoyed this, meat was tender and the seasoning was great.
Roast Chicken - Nothing great to somewhat bad, it was cold and plain, comes with banana ketchup
Kare Kare - Horrible the ox tripe was meh, there were no veggies and no beef or ox tail to be found, although the sauce was just right, not the normally sweet ones you find common place these days since people use Filipino peanut butter which is loaded with sugar.
Fried Shrimp - OK snack item
Daing na bangus - Your standard milkfish, basically a must try if you're in the Philippines, but this isn't close to the best one I have tried.
Ginataang Kuhol - Snails steamed in Coconut milk. pretty good though they are still gritty. 

Warning: Filipino food is oily and heavy. Do not overeat or else your stomach's gonna go nuts after dining. 

Happy Pigout :@)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! We just went there yesterday. The service wad really bad. The crew will not come to you unless you are ready to pay. Did you also try using their toilet? It's disgusting.

Anyway, good review though. You're honest, honey.

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