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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ristras :@) :@)

Ground Floor, Fairways Tower 5th Ave, Taguig City

A Big Burrito... for your big appetite...

Personally for me, Burittos are one of the most fascinating food items in the world, because it's a full meal in one. You've got your starch, more starch, beans, protein, dairy and veggies. So smart! The sad thing though is that there aren't many establishments that cater what I wouldn't even call Mexican Cuisine, just burittos in the country. Mexican food over here is basically nachos and burittos since we're not exposed to Mexican food so  it's good to see that places are opening up that specialize in burittos. One of these places that have gotten some buzz since they opened is Ristras (the reason? Massive Burritos). I've visited them ever so often and generally enjoy the food but I keep on forgetting my camera... (bad blogger... bad blogger...). 

To the dining experience!

So we had an order of

Nachos with Cheese and Guacamole Dip P95

Your standard order of nachos that comes with 2 dips. It's a generous amount of chips and the dips were pretty good. I also love how the chips are not mono color. Purple chips... Can't explain that. :)

Carnitas Burrito P330 + Wet P80 :@) :@) :@) (Dudeeee... It's soooo... HUGEEEE)

Ristras basically works by you approaching the counter where you'll be presented with ingredients for each component of your burrito. After you choose your ingredients of rice (chorizo, lemon cilantro and brown rice), beans, protein (steak, chicken and carnitas are my personal favorites). It is assembled in front of you + showmanship points for them. After that they offer you the option to wet your burrito. This means that they'll slather it with sauce and cheese then torch it to melt the cheese mix on top to get what you see with the pic above. 

Overall the buritto was pretty good. Individually though there were some issues. Since they present their ingredients in mini chaffing dishes there is a chance that components get dried out. Since we ordered around 8PM their chorizo rice was getting low on stock, the rice was starting to dry out and get a bit gritty in our burrito. Proteins also get dried out as in one of my visits near their closing time I ordered steak and it was pretty chewy and dry which was disappointing. Overall though especially if all things work out you'll get a good meal out of one burrito, that I suggest you share for two. I feel extremely bloated when I go solo on one of these I'm guessing due to the number of beans I ingest. 

Ristras is a place for good burittos and these places are few and far between in the Philippines. Honestly though if you're used to the burritos in the west coast of USA you won't be satisfied. The rating I give is based on locality and Ristras is surely one of the better ones in the country.

Happy Pigout :@) 

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Guia Obsum said...

I would love to have some of that nachos with guacamole! :)

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