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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hassan Steak and Kebabs SKIP IT

katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge
Quezon City, Metro Manila

The best point in my meal was.... When I made a pallet wheel out of the sauce

So there's this new kebab/shawarma place that opened next to our beloved country side in Katipunan extension. Since I'm also pretty big on kebabs it piqued my curiosity quite a bit since I pass by this area on my way home everyday. So post Sunday sport activity I decided to try it on my way home and because a reader also asked us to try it out.

The place is pretty dark but it's ok. Don't bring your fussy friends to these types of places because I'm sure they'd whine about the ambiance. Well end of the day it all comes down to food and here's my meal for lunch.

Yogurt Shake P55 ($1.25) SKIP IT

Pretty Bland for a yogurt shake. Not really enjoyable except that it was cold.

Chicken Kebab P55/pc ($1.25) :@)

Beef Kebab P45/pc ($1.00) :@)

While both are not exactly horrible nothing to rave about either. The meat's too dry that's for sure and personally I think a bit more salt in the mix would help.

Plain Rice w/ Butter P20 ($0.50) 

Didn't really get much butter flavor from it. Disappointed :(

Sad to say but I can mention 3 places from the top of my head that serve better quality kebabs than Hassan along the same price range. It didn't really wow me or anything except for the variety of their garlic sauces. They were too thick though and didn't really taste that good as well so another let down.

Happy Pigout :@)


Anonymous said...

masarap kaya sa hassan especially the keema pie & the 10" shiek shawarma this this ones u you will feel heaven

:@) 2 said...

I'll try it when I have the time

Anonymous said...

hassan is very unique persian food resto delicious and affordable. there shwarama place const only P80
para kalang kumain sa paresan
pero ang lasa kayang sumabay sa iba mamahaling persian resto.
keema pie & koftezi pie is a must try & they also have the biggest shawarma in manila they call it shieks shawarma its a 10" tall 3" wide 2" thick shwarma good for 3 to 4 persons 200+ lang

Anonymous said...

hassan is very unique persian food resto delicious and affordable. there shwarama plate cost only P80
para kalang kumain sa paresan
pero ang lasa kayang sumabay sa iba mamahaling persian resto.
keema pie & koftezi pie is a must try & they also have the biggest shawarma in manila they call it shieks shawarma its a 10" tall 3" wide 2" thick shwarma good for 3 to 4 persons 200+ lang

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you're talking about. Talaga? Giving KFC, Jollibee and other shitty eateries a "highly recommended" brand?

What a waste of web space.

:@) 2 said...

@ Anonymous 1 well... personally for me the kebabs were horrible. I found quite a number of people who agree with me so I'm not that crazy. They also said that the keema and koftezi pie is a must try so I'll try it when Countryside stops tempting me.

@Anonymous 2 Thanks for taking the time to post on a what a waste of web space this is. Though... I guess you didn't read the articles on why they were highly recommended... and since you won't, Jolibee post was catered to the foreigners. KFC is a fast food restaurant so judge it with its peers, it stands out. Relax buddy, your net rage might get you to a hospital a lot sooner than me :).

Anonymous said...

how can you compare this persian restaurant with cooked to order food vs a filipino restaurant with food sitting on warmers all day.
in my opinion, hassan serves the freshest and most affordable persian food in manila.
i recommend trying keema pie, tenderloin tips steak upgraded to hassan's fried rice.
and for you drinkers out there, what can beat "below zero" beer only p35?!

:@) 2 said...

ok I'm confused by the first part... how can I compare THIS (Hassan??/) with a Filipino restaurant (What Filipino Restaurant? which I'm assuming you're referring to Hassan as well???)

If you're telling me that hassan serves the most fresh food, then how come they served me sauces that were relatively hard because they were stored inside the chiller. I had a hard time squeezing out the sauce. Then after tasting them was heavily disappointed with the taste.

With regards to the must try food that's bordering on free advertising for hassan... as I said I'll try it when I have the time. Working a 13 hour shift in the kitchen kinda screws you over when you're trying to eat out.

Anonymous said...

Stupid blogger! Doesn't know what he's saying!! Bobo! Bobo!

Anonymous said...

hello @2said your not crazy you were just expressing your feeling probably you dont like eating kebab or some of there product however even the michellin chef have there own taste and different taste same france but they have different way of tecniques in cooking . you said that you are working in a restaurant im so sad that you dont know how to apprecite a sauce that they made a real and authentic... have u been to other country rather eat in a real luxury reataurant did u taste a real and kebbab then maybe i accept your comment at HASSAN .....

Anonymous said...

btw mr or ms @2said maybe if you,re not really satisfied of what you eat i think its good if you come again and tell them directly that yu are not satisfied the food that you eat.. I,m so sad because you said that you are working in restaurant and spend like 13hrs working?? I wonder what kind of food you,re serving... I been in a different country and working in a luxury hotel and restaurant (FRENCH RESTAURANT) I wonder why are you so mad and feel so upset of eating at persian kebab you know that persian is ot a" pilipino dish " maybe its good if you stay being a professional and human being for them.. for me they making a hard time doing there business to be good because of there family... I hope you understand that people who comment here are not stupid or maybe we call them TANGA.... god bless you and I hope this will be your last comment stay cool and maybe focus your job as 13hrs working make it 15 hrs ..
so maybe the next time you then you will know the difference of persian food to pilipino food.....

:@) 2 said...

I'm mad because its sub standard...

I love kebabs... I just don't like Hassan... Mister Kabab, Food Channel,Ababou and Uncle Moe's(<- well was, it's going to shit as well) are all better alternatives for me.

Well if you guys think that proper sauces should have the same consistency as that of mayonnaise... I won't stop you.

Cheers haters :D

Anonymous said...

I pitty you mr or ms @2said hahahha looserrrrrrrrrrrrr then dont goto hassan im sure tour not welcome stupid idiot......

Anonymous said...

oooopppppsss sorry wrong typing



:@) 2 said...

With customers like you, I wouldn't want to go back anyway... well if you're really a customer :).

Your correction is still wrong. Know the difference between your and you're.

I find it amusing as well that you took the time to fail in correcting yourself, then blatantly leave out your error on the word "pitty". In case you're wondering, the proper spelling is pity.

Alas having an intellectual discussion isn't for you anyway. "LOOOOOOSEEERRRR". Quite hilarious really.

I've had fun reading your insightful comments, but this is the last morsel of food I'm feeding you troll. Go enjoy the best kebabs in the world at hassan, won't be seeing you soon, and hopefully ever. :D

Your favorite blogger

P.S. If you didn't go tl;dr on my post, which obviously you do all the time, I have listed numerous examples of how to use your and you're. I hope that the post can make you pick up on how and when to use your and you're. If not then I apologize :)

kai said...

finally a food blogger than i can agree with. did NOT like the kebab at all. tried the beef and chicken. it was bad. i mean you could still eat it but I wouldn't go through all the trouble to eat it again. it's not the worst but it's not good either. it's just plain. good thing i was really hungry that's why i was able to finish my order. but if i wasn't hungry, i don't think i would be able to gobble it all up. i tried the keema pie because it was recommended by another blogger, but it was just ok. nothing fancy. the pie would even fall off. it couldn't handle the weight of the toppings. i ate 2 pcs kabab (beef and chicken) with rice plus 2 slices of keema pie. after i finished eating, i wanted to go eat some other food because i wasn't really satisfied with what i ate. i wouldn't recommend it. but i would probably try to order some other stuff to try it out to give the place a second chance. their sauces weren't also good. it was bland.

p.s. i'm a really picky eater.

Anonymous said...

i have been a regular costumer of hassan for more than 3 years now. this place is the hangout place of our barkada. sometimes we text each other saying "hassan na kayo?" meaning tara na sa hassan. (in cainta branch)

pretty much everything we order is good. i must say even better than one of the top persian restaurants that i have tried.

try ordering kobideh kebab (beef) then pita bread with keema. and ill tell you. its worth it.

Anonymous said...

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