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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shrymp :@) :@) :@)

Il Mercanti, Metrowalk
Pasig City, Metro Manila

See this and you'll get great soup, perfect for them chilly December nights.

Left Bowl = P40 comes steamed with soup
Center Bowl = P100 Soup with Pork loin + the whole assortment of their products
Right bowl =P45 their fried products served with sweet Chili sauce

Easiest way to describe them is they're like shabu-shabu. You get to choose your meats and are then dunked into boiling soup to cook and serve. Sounds ordinary right? What sets them apart though is that they use curry soup. The soup alone is flavorful enough and extremely good on them cold December nights, but you still get shabu shabu meats to go with it. It's a bargain especially for P40-45. The noodle bowl is a bit pricier than their other offerings but it's worth it, since you get pork loin, and the whole list of their products. 

Their Curry Soup

The selection

Note: Try their shrimp bombs, it's to die for. You can also add the amount of seasoning/spice with their free add ons of curry/sate and soy sauce mix.

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