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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fat Chicken Revisited

Il Mercanti, Metrowalk
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Looks bigger and better than ever :)...

XXXL Chicken P140 (2 cups of rice + Taiwanese Kimchi)
Taiwan style no rice, whole in a paper bag? P135

I've been loving this place since they opened up in Eastwood, but I haven't eaten their in the longest time. I don't know what they're feeding their chickens or what they've been doing but their chicken has become bigger, crispier and juicier. It's a full meal in one and for just P140 it's a bargain when you go straight for dessert. You can also avail of it without rice in a paper bag where you eat it straight. In my opinion it will taste better since the meat gets a chance to rest and the juice doesn't seep out when it gets cut. The thing I really like about Fat Chicken is that they make your order fresh unlike most stalls in food bazaars who rely on half cooked or pre cooked meals, honestly it really makes a difference. They also have a tie-in with Amburger for the most epic sandwich I've seen.

Double Down P350

This sucker is P350 but is actually good for sharing. Honestly I faced this beast alone and got a headache. It comes with the crispy chicken as a bun, and as you bite through it you get a bit of heat from the sweet chili sauce, and the satisfaction of cheese overload from the cheese sauce and mozarella/cheddar stuffed 1/2 lb burger. It's no longer on display and you have to be cool to access this sandwich, just kidding :D just ask for it and they'll take care of you.

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Anonymous said...

sulit talaga and so good

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