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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conti's :@) :@)

224 Katipunan Ave. Ext., Brgy. Blueridge
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 646-3306

Somewhere to eat on family day...

One Sunday lunch with the family for an occasion that I forgot about. My family isn't fond of long trips for food, so we're stuck in the Katipunan area. So we decided to go to the newly opened Conti's. It's a safe bet for families since Conti's menu items cover a whole lot of cuisines and no one would be left out. 

Our food choices for the day:

Calamares :@) P145 ($3.25)

The thing I liked about this dish was that the calamares batter was done nicely. It stuck to the squid and was sufficiently crunchy. Sadly the dish lacked some salt and pepper, since the dish was pretty bland. The sauce too was not to my liking, it's a personal thing though since I'm really not fond of onion chunks in anything.

Shanghai Bites SKIP IT P110 ($2.50)

This dish was horrible. The filling was dry because they fried them in little chopped up bits. The role of the spring roll wrapper is that it is supposed to protect the meat as it is fried so that when its done you get the filling moist and juicy with the crunchy exterior. I was already disappointed as I saw this, but then as I tasted the dish that evil flavor of burnt food crept into my mouth, a total turn off really.

Chicken Ala Kiev :@) :@) P285 ($6.25)

These were pretty good. The chicken was crispy and the sauce was creamy, although I tasted more butter than cheese. Still well executed as a spoonful of this was pretty awesome. No complaints here really besides the vegetables which were under cooked

Baked Salmon :@) :@) :@) P355 ($8.00)

The salmon was nicely cooked and was a generous portion. Salmon cooked properly is a pretty rare find in the Philippines which is cook everything well done crazy so this was a pleasant surprise. The gratin on top of the salmon was pretty tasty as well. It also comes with paella on the side which was decent. Same story about the veggies 

Fish and Chips :@) for the fish SKIP IT for the Chips P240 ($3.25)

The fish was pretty decent though some of the batter was falling off. I'd assume that the oil wasn't at optimum temperature when this was fried. Fish was moist though and had flavor which is much appreciated. The chips though were a soggy mess and wasn't an enjoyable eat. The honey mustard was also forgettable.

Overall Conti's is great for family gatherings because of the ambiance and menu selection. It reminds me of a saucy family meal, meaning you shouldn't expect the best food in the world, but it's pretty good. 

Happy Pigout :@)

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