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Monday, July 12, 2010

California Berry :@) :@)

Their official site - Personally I find it cute :)

Another one of the more famous froyo peddlers in the metro.

Personally I love how it seems pretty comfortable eating here. This is probably our most frequented branch when looking for froyo. Honestly its nothing spectacular, pretty much the same with regards to the rest. Yogurt taste is fine. The toppings are pretty much what you find in your generic favored place; cereals, fruits, candy etc. Price range is pretty fair

Medium Sized Froyo P80 ($1.75) P15($0.3) 1 topping P25($0.5) 2 toppings P45($1) 3 toppings

I guess we love this place because they have this promo card which basically gives you a free large froyo after 10 purchases from any branch of California Berry. Its definitely a factor for us :P.

Overall California Berry is nothing great but its pretty solid. Try it out when you got the time, you won't regret it.
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