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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Loumars Pies &Tarts :@) :@) :@)

*Buko- local version of young coconut. Very sweet. Usually made into juice, and/or pies.

On the way back to the hotel from Leslie's I accidentally spot the infamous Loumars Pies and Tarts.

Contrary to popular belief...The best buko not actually in Collete's..but actually in Loumars.
(as according to the locals)

Only one way to find out...

P150.00 Buko Pie ($3)

To really enjoy this crazy dessert....HEAT IT UP!!!!
I was lucky to buy it fresh from the oven...and it was PERFECT! (perfect like...krispy kreme on hot mode) can just pop it in the oven for a min. or so...(though crust will turn crunchy rather than chewy)

The pie...VERY chewy...
Crumbles on top were warm and crunchy...
and as for the treasure inside....


The buko inside was very sweet...
but what makes it so good is that the buko actually MELTS in your mouth!

Definitely the Freshest buko tart/pie in the city!

P160.00 Blueberry Tart ($3.25)

Although the pie was great...the filling tasted like it had too much extenders...and the blueberries were obviously canned.

My overall recommendation for this place it to DEFINITELY get the Buko Pie! and SKIP the rest...

To find Loumars:

Assuming you took Sta. Rosa exit from SLEX, go all the way straight till you reach the Tagaytay City proper (a dead end). Turn right and go out further a few meters, you will see it on the right.

Happy Pigout! :@)

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