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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yo Swirls by BTIC: SKIP IT

Honestly in my opinion this is the worst froyo place I've ever tried. They have two flavors which are classic and sweet and creamy. Taste wise it borders on nothing special (classic) to bad (sweet and creamy). The yogurt was kind of bland and uninteresting compared to everything else out there. The sweet and creamy one was a bastardized form of froyo so don't even get me started.

There's also one size only for a cup and it costs...

Froyo P75 ($2) Toppings P25-P35 ($0.75) (depending on the type of topping)

Their toppings... your basic selection of froyo toppings... but again since they're charging an arm and a leg for EACH topping and seeing as how most of the fruits are just canned (see that soupy stuff on top of our froyo) and you see other froyo places charging for 3 toppings at P50. Getting toppings here will hurt your wallet. Presentation wise its acceptable, though that soupy gunk they serve on their froyo makes it look disgusting.

Bagsic being a :@)

I'll only get froyo from this place for one reason. And that's I'm desperate and nothing else is around. Unfortunately for this branch in Shangri-La there are other awesome choices such as White Hat and Yogurt-Froz. I'd suggest you go to those two first before trying this one.

Happy Pigout :@)
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