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Friday, July 30, 2010

Countryside Restaurant :@) :@) :@)

228, katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge
Quezon City, Metro Manila

from chicken leg to chicken ass...Best Chicken BBQ in the Philippines

Back when I was a kid, my eldest brother would take me to the weirdest places. I entered Mars Disco when I was 8, I rode on 5 different Porsches at 13 (even raced with the porches with his Galant) and a few others I rather not say (CM, HB, LEX) . But one thing that always stuck to me, is the places he would bring me for mid night snacks. The burgers from cable car, steak from snackaroo, and of course... the BBQ from Countryside.

This place has been around for AGES! And is continually serving... in my opinion, one of the BEST chicken BBQ in the Philippines.

Do take note however, to come here an hour BEFORE lunch/dinner. This place could get REALLY crowded. Sadly, service suffers a little. 

how crowded you ask?

here is bbq veteran Manong Rick preparing his station...Because in a matter of seconds....all those WILL disappear...

some chicken ass....

chilling out before peak time....

Menu for today?...

hot off the grill...

so with so much choices what do we order?...

Sinigang sa Miso Php250.00 (5$) :@)

Quick Fact: Sinigang is a traditional Filipino soup made by a broth of tamarind, and vegetables. It can be cooked with fish, shell fish, or pork. It is characterized by its sour taste and flavorful broth.

I LOVE sinigang! ....EVERYONE loves sinigang...

This one? ...not so much. Sadly, of all the great dishes of Countryside, this isnt one of them.

I personally found the soup too thick on Miso, to the point where it overpowers the taste of the fish, and sourness of the Tamarind.

Sisig :@) :@) :@)

Quick Fact: know what? ....dont ask what it is..just know that it is made of pork, it is sizzled with onions and chili..and is topped with yes..mayonnaise....and yes...i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

For those of you who are familiar with Sisig however, the sisig here is GREAT! Comparable to Aysees...but a bit more expensive and a bit creamier.

Special Longaniza Php 40.00 (1$) :@) :@)

Longaniza is special Filipino sausage. Its taste is distinct as it is a mixture of sweet and salty. This one in particular is actually quite good and different from other places as it is served with light soy sauce and red onions. Quite expensive for the size, but if you are a Longaniza have GOT TO TRY IT OUT!

and this would be...

Isaw ng Manok :@) :@)

Isaw in translation is the intestine of a product. In this case, intestine of a chicken. As weird as it sounds and as weird as it SHOULD is actually quite good. VERY good actually. It is sweet, succulent, and BBQed very well, so as to mask the disgusting part of the flavor.

Though if you are strictly looking for Isaw, I would suggest driving further up to U.P. Diliman to find the Isaw capital of the Philippines. 

and finally, the house special...

Chicken BBQ Php 145.00 (3.5$) :@) :@) :@)

This chicken BBQ you see right one of the BEST chicken BBQ in the Philippines!

Huge...deliciously marinated...and BBQ'd PERFECTLY

but what really sets this chicken BBQ apart from other establishments?

their cook!

The guy that cooked my chicken almost 12 years ago, is the same guy that cooked me and my friends chicken bbq 2 days ago!

Alive and Kicking...and occasionally even SMOKING!

Imagine this guy's bionic lungs!!!

With almost 16 years of cooking experience at this establishment, I would say that this guy has PERFECTED The art of BBQ. 

His marinade always tasty...his chicken consistently juicy...and ALWAYS just a little bit burnt for that extra char flavor. 

Filipinos take their BBQ VERY seriously. 

There has been much debate on who serves the best chicken BBQ. 

In my opinion however, I believe Countryside is up there with the likes of Aristocrat, and Inengs as the restaurant that serves the Best BBQ chicken in the Philippines.

oh and these guys opinion's too ...

So from chicken legs to chicken ass...I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are looking on trying out one of the best Chicken BBQ Philippines has to offer...

Happy Pigout! :@)


Lawrence said...

if you're eating at country side, you should have tried their sisig and their kaldereta, i swear by those. :P

note: if you dont eat the sisig there and have it to go, it CAN get quite oily.

:@) said...

We did try the sisig...its at the bottom :)

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

jacobmontereal said...

Chicken barbeque always special to me.


Ilovefood said...

The foods are sooo goooood must try

Shiene143 said...

This Countryside Restaurant is very much intriguing. I do love to eat street foods especially the chicken's intestine and I am craving for that kind of food. I will get the address of this restaurant so that I can stop over to this place. Thanks.

Shiene @ restaurants in the philippines

Anonymous said...

I love to eat those what we called here street foods but my favorite among them is Isaw. Hope to visit this Countryside Restaurant so that I can eat those foods. Thanks so much.

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