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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The White Hat: :@) :@)

More froyo for you people, since its such a fad at present.

Here's one of the heavyweights in the country The White Hat.

Here's their stall located at Shangri-La Plaza

So What sets The White Hat apart from other froyo places around. According to them its because they use authentic Italian Yogurt. Well for me without knowing that part their yogurt does seem to have a perfect balance of that tangy flavor that you look in yogurt but also has just the right amount of sweetness that makes you happy.

Froyo Medium Size P85 ($1.75) Large Size P115 ($2.50) +1 topping P15 ($0.3) +2 toppings ($0.75) +3 toppings P45 ($1)
Medium Size with Fresh Kiwi and Preserved Strawberries

Their toppings were quite unique at the beginning. I used to go here a lot to get their cheesecake topping since they were the first ones to have it and paired it with blueberries (sadly not fresh). They still have other unique toppings as well such as mochi which make going here a must if you love toppings with your yogurt.

I recommend this place because of good tasting frozen yogurt and superior toppings(used to be). Nothing more I can say about that.

Happy Pigout :@)

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