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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TGIF :@) :@) :@)

TGIF has been around for a VERY LONG TIME!

My best friend had his first birthday party did his brother...and as did his brothers son.

What makes this place so special isnt just about the famous chicken fingers and that tangy honey mustard sauce...nor is it about the excellent cocktails....

What makes TGIF the experience!
It's red glittering lights....bohemian facade and decors... and the happy-go lucky singing waiters!

This combined with excellent food, makes this restaurant a mainstay on american cuisine in the Philippines.

Chicken Fingers w/ fries and Honey mustard P280 ($5)

In every table at can bet your life that there will be at least one order of thiscrispy chicken fingers!...and that crazy sweet, slightly spicy, yet succulent honey mustard sauce EVERYONE loves...


Sizzling Chicken and Cheese - P425 ($9)
Chicken breast on cheese overload!!!!! Enough said....

Bacon Cheeseburger - P390 ($8)

Now I tend to be VERY picky on burgers. After spending 3 months in California...every burger I try in this country has to deal with Hodads of San Diego....In and Out... and Fudruckkers!

This burger in my opinion.. definitely reaches that list of the best burgers in the Philippines!

Strong meaty flavor from a HUGE patty...crispy bacon strips on a mountain of cheese...combine that with fries overloaded on bacon bits and cheese!

(to get an idea how big the patty and burger is...)

(Hazeman-dawg...enjoying more than what she can take ...)

Overall....FRIDAYS has done a GREAT job maintaining great food and service over the years.

As long as it keeps will always be the place to be to celebrate that special day as you can be sure to expect:

Exciting flavors and experiences.

Happy pigout!

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