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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bistro Napa (Formerly known as Aresi) :@) :@)

IL Terrazzo Mall
35 Tomas Morato Ave. 
cor. Scout Madrinan St. 
Quezon City

great Italian...great price...

As the rain poured stronger and and Mark were left with less and less choices on where to eat for dinner. I wanted pizza, he usual...SOUP. 

Initially, we thought of the Taste of L.A.  but it was way to traffic and flooded. We then stumbled upon IL Terrazzo Mall (near Dolce), and then decided to eat among the restaurants there. 

And then....we arrived at....

first impressions were good as it had a great interior design...

sleek, modern, design...

but the prices?....surprisingly CHEAP!

they even had a promo where...

free pizza for every purchase of Sangria, Iced tea, or Beer Bucket.

not bad...huh?

Shrimp bisque Php 200.00 :@) :@)

So as you guessed, Mark once again orders his soup.

The verdict?...not bad! Considering it is only 200.00, you get a huge bowl of some pretty high quality soup. Though it is nothing amazing, there are no complaints either. Presentation however, could be better.

Seafood Al 'Olio Php 350.00- SKIP IT

Quite disappointed by this dish.

Although the pasta was cooked great (al dente), the flavor didn't work so well. 

I understand Al 'Olio is supposed to be a very simple and light dish. However, I find it too lacking of everything. It was bland, the seafood that came with it didn't taste like anything...and for the price..I have to admit...Ive had better.

NOTE: Though my friend remembers that their Carbonara was fantastic! So maybe you guys should order that instead. 

and the star of the night goes to...

5 cheese pizza Php 250.00 :@) :@) :@)

This dish definitely saved the day as everything about it was PERFECT.

The blend of the 5 cheese, the chewiness of the pie, and as I heard it was cooked on a brick oven which gives it that perfect crust and flavor. 

I HIGHLY recommend this dish as it definitely saved the night for us. 

Overall, Bistro Napa serves up quality Italian food for affordable prices.

We ordered one soup, one pasta, and one pizza all to split, but only spent Php 871.00

With a few improvements on their other items, I think Bistro Napa could climb up to the top as one the Best Italian Food in the Philippines.

But for now, if you are looking for high quality Italian food for fair prices, I'd definitely recommend Bistro Napa.

Happy Pigout :@)


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