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Sunday, August 1, 2010

North Park :@) :@)

329 P. Guevarra
St. Cor. V. Cruz
Greenhills, San Juan

Late night drives...late night hunger?...where to go?


This place has been my GO-TO restaurant after partying with my friend for years! The smell of chili sauce, lemon chicken, and hakao...MMMMmmmmmm!!

Though I usually get my lemon chicken, hakao, and fried rice combo. I tried to get something different for a change. I HAVE been ordering the same thing for almost 15 might as well.

we start off with good old fashioned siopao

or not.......

Siopao Asado P48.00 ($1)  :@) :@) :@)

I have no idea what they did exactly, but there were definitely improvements done to it. Its not overflowing with sauce and meat like Kowloon West, nor is it soft and ULTRA moist like in Choi Garden, but the Asado itself...was amazing! The mix of flavors was perfect! Meat was tender, taste of the bbq was not too strong, not too light. And the steam kept the moisture inside which made it melt in your mouth. 

Nanking Beef Noodles P134.00 ($2.5) :@) :@)

My grandma always told me the two most important aspect of beef noodles is the stock and the noodles. North Park does a pretty good job in both. 

The stock...slightly sweet. Noodles...chewy and flavorful.

Only thing I didnt like was the rough meat.

Overall though, not bad for chinese take out food. 

Lechon Macau P170.00 ($3.75) :@)

Huge servings... mediocre quality. 

The pork was a bit rubbery and old, instead of crispy and fresh.

Rice however, smelt it is North Parks signature "Jasmine Rice".

North Park may not be the BEST Chinese restaurant in the Philippines, but there is something about the history and experiences it brings to this country. It has become the place to be for the late night foodies and after gimmick crowds. 

The food is good, service is great :)

And delivery is just a few dials away...

Happy Pigout :@) !

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