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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Golden Spoon: SKIP IT

Greenhills Shopping Complex, Theatre Mall
San Juan City, Metro Manila

Flavored Froyo...
So here's the Golden Spoon, another part of the great froyo rush here in the Philippines. Besides the basic toppings what makes Golden Spoon different from the others? The main difference that they have is that they serve Flavored Froyo that differs everyday, supposedly. Here's their froyo.

Small Strawberry Froyo P155 ($155) SKIP IT

Besides the humongous price you have to pay for their "small" which actually is medium in most places, you still have to pay P25/additional topping. Believe me when you try this you better get toppings. My co-writer already ate here before and told me that the place serves froyo that's too sweet which makes it bad. I thought to myself that since I had a monster sweet tooth maybe I'd enjoy it. Sadly I was wrong. The yogurt tastes a bit sweet, a bit tart but in a bad way and I know this might sound weird but bland. My taste buds got confused if I was actually eating ice cream or frozen yogurt. Come to think of it it kinda reminded me of the taste of BTIC (Better Than Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt). They were probably the pioneers for this type of thing, which I kinda disliked. 

Honestly for me if I wanted to get flavored froyo I'd rather try Tutti Frutti at the SM atrium. There's also this other place inside Vmall called YogiBerry which sells flavored froyo as well that I'll try soon.

Happy Pigout! :@)

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mykyusi said...

Yes! Same here. Its expensive and it doesn't taste so good. Their Flavored frozen Yogurt taste like ordinary ice cream.

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