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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jer-Jers (Formerly Colasas) :@) :@) :@)

46 Timog Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Eat, Drink, and Sing at the BEST BBQ in town...

my brother would take me to this other BBQ restaurant up in Timog.

At the time however, I didn't think it was worth going all the way to Timog just for barbeque. I was contented with Country Side which is just 10 min. away from my house.

Little did I know....Timog would be one of my MOST visited places as an adult :D :D :D

JerJer's Inasal de Davao, formerly known as Colasas has its roots all the way up to Davao with two entrepreneurs. They went from food cart, to Davao's best...and today, has of the BEST bbq restaurants in the Philippines. 
Recently, they had a change in management due to unknown reasons....but is it still the same Colasas we know????

same wait staff... different management....but the food?

delicious as always.... 

even with a new promo...

It has always been a toss up between Colasas and Countryside for me. They are both great...but different styled BBQ.

We first look at Countryside's BBQ...

- VERY juicy
- Cooked to Perfection
- Has a bit of char taste which goes perfect with your toyo-suka-mansi

Now on to JerJer's...

- Sweet and Flavorful
- Has that caramelized flavor
- Cheaper
- BEST marinade (IMHO)

So as you can see, Colasas and Countryside both has its strong points, and none is better than the other. One thing they have in common though, is that they definitely serve the BEST chicken BBQ in the Philippines...Anyone know any better place, please let me know.

Other food reccomendations:
- Longanisa 
- Gizzard

Happy Pigout! :@)


Anonymous said...

best barbeque in town - chicken inasal and chorizo.. hmmp sarap

Anonymous said...

As far as i remember hindi related ang jerjer barbeque sa colasas barbeque. Nag migrate yung owner sa abroad at ang lugar lang ang binenta. Iba pa din ang timpla ng colasas barbeque. Ginaya lang ng may bagong may ari ang concept ng store maging ang menu.

Anonymous said...

YAh your right! Coz the last time i visit the place im so disappointed the taste of barbeque and the service as well. Im still looking the original colasas barbeq
ue :(

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