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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kirin Chinese Dining SKIP IT!

Building 7, Bonifacio High Street
Global City, Taguig

Chinese dining at the High Street....

While walking around High Street, me and my friends stumbled upon a very classy looking Chinese restaurant by the corner: Kirin !

Although we were looking at steak night, everything about the restaurant caught our attention: from the sleek design of the thick glass windows to the hanging waterfall that invites people in (sorry accidentally erased that photo) all the way to the lively lights of the restaurant. 

We checked the prices, and it looked fair for the assumed quality we were getting (boy were we WRONG!)

Asado Siopao- SKIP IT

Probably the WORST siopao I have ever eaten! 7-eleven beats this...MINI STOP beats this...the random street vendor in Taiwan beats this! (well random Taiwanese street vendors beat a lot of places here actually)

The Asado is dry....bland...and chewy. 

The Skin is rubbery, dry, and over cooked!

Century Egg- SKIP IIT

HORRIBLE CENTURY EGG! Again, it was dry, boring and not worth it!
(For GREAT Century egg...check out... Mien San Noodle House)

Xiao Long Bao- SKIP IT

For those not aware, Xiao Long Bao is specially steamed dumplings with soup INSIDE the skin. 

The perfect Xiao Long Bao, is soft, succulent, soupy, and "al dente" or in Chinese... "Q"

I tend to be very strict with judging "Xiao Long Bao" as I grew up eating in Din Tai Fung (one of Taiwans top restaurants, and the BEST Xiao Long Bao in the world- not an argument)

My friends however, told me to take it a bit easier as we ARE in the Philippines after all. However, even being nice...this Xiao Long Bao is HORRIBLE!

Again, the skin is overcooked...the filling was bland....though they managed to keep it soupy. 

Stir Fried Beef in Black Pepper :@)

This dish, again, was quite disappointing, though not as bad as the dimsum.

Beef was very tender, but the sauce was lacking in flavor. 

Yang Chow Fried Rice :@)

It didn't have much in it but your typical egg, cabbage, green onion, leeks, and Chinese ham...BORING!

Chicken and Prawn Salad :@) :@)

Considering our crave for prawn salad for almost a whole month, it did its job fairly. 

Chicken and prawns were cooked right, batter was good. 

The sauce was just right, but nothing spectacular. 

Steamed Fish in Garlic :@)

Someone please teach the cooks here how to steam, because so far....everything steamed came out overcooked!
The fish was mushy and bland, the garlic and the sauce did not blend in well as it should.

Asado Puff- SKIP IT

20 min. later after everything got served....

The Asado Puff came out. Though I was with it coming out late as I was warned...

Still, everything came out bad. Puff was barely puffy and instead, just a huge chunk of mess. The Asado again, was dry, bland, and lacked flavor. 

The only thing that came out well was...
the wait staff...

They were friendly, helpful, and VERY attentive.

and the bills comes...

yes you have to pay for tea...
and no...Php 1,817.20 is not worth it...

We LOVED the design of the restaurant
We ENJOYED the friendliness of the staff

"Kirin Chinese Dining" has all the potential to be a great restaurant, but needs to take that extra effort in taking care of the quality of the food.

With such a nice place and great wait was such a shame to have been served bad quality food. 

Happy Pigout!.....or not.... :@(

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