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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dairy Queen :@) :@)

Before all the Craziness about Froyo, There was Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an American Company that came into the Philippines during the early 1990s. Although they started to disappear during the late 90's to the early 2000s they made a big come back as the country missed them terribly. Dairy Queen's most famous products over here are their blizzards and dilly bar. They provide us Filipinos with an escape from the heat which is a good thing. Dairy Queen Blizzards are probably what everyone is most familiar with in regards to Dairy Queen at present. Blizzards are Soft served ice cream that is mechanically whipped to make the ice cream extra thick.

Strawberry Banna Blizzard S P89 ($2) M P99 ($2.25) L P109 ($2.50) :@) :@)

If you love strawberries and bananas this one's definitely for you.

Chocolate Coated Strawberry S P89 ($2) M P99 ($2.25) L P109 ($2.50) :@) :@)

Chocolate and strawberries. Classic combination.

Overall Dairy Queen is a great dessert place to go. It provides good ice cream with various choices of toppings that are good for not only escaping the heat but dates as well. Sadly the Dairy Queen here is not on par with the ones found in the USA.

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Wanderlust About Town said...

I love the dilly bar! It such a fun treat.

I like how there's a different shape and color on holiday seasons - green christmas tree for christmas and a red heart shaped dillybar on valentine's week :)


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