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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yogi Berry Frozen Yogurt :@)

2/F Vmall, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City, Metro Manila

Flavored Froyo on the Go... 

So as promised in the Golden Spoon post, I said I'd try Yogi Berry Froyo. I wanted to find a froyo place somewhere within the Greenhills Shopping complex that won't make me gag (I'm sick to death of yougurt froz in hobbes and landdes in the Promenade mall) so I had to try it out. Besides the pun made me laugh on the inside so I would've tried it anyway. I think I'm also the only one within the Pigout group that enjoys flavored froyo so who better than me right?

Here's what I found out
  • They sell their Froyo by the ounce P15/oz toppings included
  • They currently have 4 flavors though I don't agree on how they mix them..
  • (blue berry + chocolate) (taro + vanilla).
  • It's self service which is awesome for me
  • The secret to self service froyo places actually is that if you want to mix something go for the middle lever (felt like a genius figuring this out on my own :D)

Well anyway here's what I got

Blueberry left side and Tart Attack right side (original) P100 :@)
approximately 6.25oz

Personally I loved the original and the blueberry. If you're a froyo purist stay away from the flavored ones since it kinda totally gets rid of the tartness found in yogurt. They're actually pretty sweet. The original was your standard yakult tasting yogurt which was nice. The toppings were your standard generic toppings found everywhere, not fresh either so no bonus points there.

Overall, if you're craving for froyo while in the middle of Greenhills I'd rather choose this place over the others. The catch here is its actually quite pricey and the layout of the stall is a bit unappealing.

Happy Pigout :@)

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Alisa said...

I like my froyo with fresh fruits,but it's always nice to try new ones :)I saw your blog from the foodie blog roll and I like what you have here.if you won't mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!

:@) said...

thanks for taking an interest on our blog. Just added the widget :D

eleonne said...

Personally, I think Yogi Berry is not as pricey when compared to other brands of yogurt, because they sell theirs at P15/oz with toppings(most, like the White Hat and Tootie Fruity, sell theirs at P20/oz. White Hat and Red Mango charges extra for the toppings). Also, the taste of the plain flavored yogurt of Yogi Berry is pretty satisfactory for me (unlike the one in Hobbes and Landes, where the yogurt lacked the tartness taste. It was almost verging on creamy sweet). I'd definitely recommend it to people who want to enjoy froyo but with the lessened guilt of spending too much XD

Yogi Berry = more yogurt with no guilt of adding many toppings for less!

:@) 2 said...

Well for me personally I find myself spending more for a cup at these types of places rather than going for good ol' California Berry and the like. In the end it depends on the person then... thanks for the input :)

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