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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tokyo Cafe :@)

G/Lvl. South Wing, Main Mall Bldg.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
2/Lvl. SM North The Block
Quezon City, Metro Manila
The Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Western Cuisine and Service Meets Eastern Food Artistry

Tokyo Cafe's main concept is providing mostly western cuisine but done with a Japanese twist. Rather than going the traditional fusion route which only combines flavors, they also involve the simplicity and artistry that goes with Japanese Cuisine as well. Service wise from my experience they are prompt and friendly. They serve water as soon as you sit down which is a good indication that they received some form of training in service procedures.

Onto the food...

Creamy Ebiko Pasta P259 ($5.25) SKIP IT

The pasta was a tad overcooked. It still had some elements of al dente but it also started to be soggy. The sauce was a cream based sauce that had shrimp flavors with ebiko (shrimp roe), it was also slightly spicy. I hated the fact that they served the shrimp with tails on because it's extra work while eating. The sauce overall was so-so to bland. Some flavor was there but it didn't really leave me with a lasting impression of awesome. Considering this is one of their best sellers in the pasta department, this shows warning signs.

Salmon Cream Pasta P225 ($3) :@)

For me this is a better pasta dish. It's served with a cream sauce with smoked salmon then you squeeze the lemon wedge on top for added flavor. Traditional European flavors involving smoked salmon. This actually feels more like a crostini for me. Those little appetizer things you get during banquets or events. I love those that's why I guess I'm more fond of this dish.

White Sauce Pizza P195 ($4.25) SKIP IT

Well lucky for this pizza my hopes weren't up that it would taste good. By just reading the description I knew it wouldn't really be a hit (pizza with white sauce and mozzarella). The sad part is its pretty much lower than what I expected. Half of the pizza was burnt which made it taste like bad skyflakes or crackers. The other half was cooked well but it was a bit bland for me.

Garlic Cream Hamburg P195 ($4.25) :@) :@)

It's hamburger steak and the star of what we ordered. Even though they serve it in a sizzling plate the burger isn't hot but its warm which is nice. The burgers were well done but still soft and tasty. The sauce is what made it a great. The garlic cream was excellent. The veggies are your standard buttered veggies that you get everywhere. 

Honestly I want to go all restaurant makeover in here and cross out some items from their menu. They do a good job in presentation though because pictures via the menu make the dishes look extremely appetizing. Sadly some of them don't live up to the ocular hype. The atmosphere and food in here are good for dates, not for good eating. 

Happy Pigout :@)

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