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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tokyo Tokyo :@)

Japanese on the Go...It's Tokyo Tokyo...

Tokyo Tokyo has been around for about 20 years here in the Philippines. It does its job of providing the normal people with a decent meal, while giving some Japanese flavor. It doesn't try to lie to you that they actually serve authentic Japanese food. What they did instead is just to localize Japanese food a bit and provided us people with a heavy and somewhat tasty meal. They also provide what most people need and love which is... unlimited rice.

Onto the food... Since we're such pigs we ordered the Sumo meals which are good for two people. I personally vouch for this since I was extremely full after eating this without even getting an extra serving of rice.

The sumo meals come with 2 sumo sized strawberry ice tea which is a lot of drink for one person.

Beef Misono Sumo Meal P249 :@)

As you can see from the picture the bowl is huge. The vegetables taste was decent. The beef was tender enough and the taste was there. The sauce was your average misono sauce. Nothing really to complain about except that if you eat this alone your taste buds do get tired of this.

Beef Misono with Pork Tonkatsu Sumo Remix P255 :@)

For you lovers of that crispy fried pork chop you'd try this for sure. Instead of getting misono overload you get an extra protein portion and it comes with fuji apple sauce. Definitely a hunger buster.

Beef Misono with Prawn and Vegetable Tempura P255 :@) 

Same as above, only now with tempura. The tempura's not that great but it's fine. Only real issue I have with this is the carrot tempura. It was too chewy because the slice was too thick. The rest was fine.

Fried Chicken Karaage Sumo Meal P199 :@)

It's fried chicken. We all love fried chicken.

Chicken Teryaki Ninja Wrap P49 SKIP IT

Chicken was dry. Nothing special except being extremely cheap.

Potato Balls P35 :@)

Its deep fried potato balls. Poor man's gnocchi was what one of my friend's said. If you like to eat potato check it out. Served with mayonnaise.

Verdict is... its a great place to eat in if you're penny pinching but its not great if you want good Japanese food. 

Happy Pigout :@)


Gab said...

You guys should review Karate Kid,it's like this but taste better.I think it's cheaper too

:@) 2 said...

thanks for the tip... we'll check it out if we spot it

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