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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flying Pig :@) :@)

G/F, Eastwood Mall Veranda,, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., 
Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 900-0886

pigging the flying pig...

For the longest time, me and my friends would pass by this cool looking restaurant. 

What caught our attention?

Their Promo on Two Burgers for only Php 299.00  (6$)

so here it is...Flying Pigs Special Burger w/ potato chips

:@) :@) :@)
please do note that the other burger is in my friends plate already...

So the mystery can they charge Php 299.00 for TWO orders of THICK patties? EASY!!!!

Its not MEAT! obvious as it should have sounded...PORK!

The patty was VERY well cooked as it was very juicy. In addition to a good patty, the cheese combined with the zest of the mustard made a perfect combination on now, one of my favorite burgers in the Philippines. 

(Plus it had a huge piece FAVORITE.......PICKLES!!!!!!)

Shrimp and Lobster Bisque- Php175.00 (5$)
:@) :@)

Of friend Mark...HAD to order soup. He is after all...the soup guy! (the one who reviewed the pumpkin soup of MoMo!, also located in Eastwood Mall)

According to him, the soup was pretty good. Consistency was fine, taste was so so....but not worth the price. Could've been better, as the shrimp was quite dry and the soup was nothing amazing. (I personally, loved it!)

Bangin Bagnet- Php265.00 (6.5$)
:@) :@)

The Bagnet was excellent!

Cripsy pork belly topped on your everyday pinoy fried rice, and you have..............
a HEART ATTACK!...hehehe!

Nahh...its fine, just make sure you split this order to two as the servings are HUGE! 

Highly recommended!

Something about the restaurant itself though...

creates a fun, comfy vibe for pigging out...

Excellent place...Comfy atmosphere...Huge servings...and a unique twist
to Everyday meals.

Happy Pigout!  :@)


leo vergara said...

hi, thanks for the good review of our store,hope to see you personally, the next time you dine let me know so i can give you freebies and discount, thanks

Leo Vergara
AGM for Marketing
The Red Crab Group
# 0927 809 62 65

PP said...

Pig lovers don't eat pork!


the pornpig association.

Andrea Paola Gutierrez said...

Nice post! Love their Bangin' Bagnet!

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